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Our highlights of the year 2023
BGB Dentistry in Alicante

2023 brought Costa Experiences a number of highlights! From unique corporate trips to the growth of our team and the realization of dreams. Here are five highlights that made our year unforgettable:

1. BGB Dentistry in Alicante
In May 2023, we were privileged to host BGB Dentistry in Alicante. During the corporate trip, we welcomed the group to our own property ViQi. The group learned about permaculture and experienced 'La Sobremesa', a unique activity where a talented chef prepared dishes with matching drinks from the local area at their home. 

2. Irixs in Valenia
In June 2023, we celebrated a grand anniversary party in Valencia with 80 people from ICT consultancy Irixs. The group enjoyed a catamaran trip, explored the beautiful nature in the Albufera nature reserve during a boat trip, learned the art of paella making during a workshop and explored the city by bike during a city tour with a local.

Watch the aftermovie from Irixs

3. Presentation of the master plan for "ViQi" to the Valencian government
One of the most inspiring moments of the year was the presentation of the master plan for the nature resort ViQi, at the Valencian government. This project, led by Costa Experiences, aims to transform a traditional olive grove in the town of Finestrat near Alicante into a nature resort called "ViQi - Soul Vitamins".

4. Expanding our team
Noor, our new intern, joined our team, bringing fresh ideas and valuable contacts. Her creative content ideas strengthen our presence and offer our clients even more insights into the beauty of Alicante, Valencia and Madrid.

5. Creation of the Alicante Hospitality Hub
Together with other local entrepreneurs, we founded the Alicante Hospitality Hub in October 2023. Although we are different companies, we share two common goals: to strengthen the hospitality sector and put Alicante on the map as a top destination for (group) travelers. By sharing our connections and ideas, we are working together towards this goal.

Alicante Hospitality Hub

2023 was a year full of inspiration, growth and unforgettable moments and we look forward to continuing our passion in the years to follow. On to another year!