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Celebrate the partnership, love and loyalty within a team

Mission and vision

We want to celebrate the partnership, love and loyalty within a team, young or mature, big or small, by providing authentic, unforgettable and inspiring personal experiences in Spain. 


Why Costa Experiences?

  1. Language and culture: we understand Dutch business culture like no other and communicate fluently in your language. Our Dutch-speaking experts ensure seamless cooperation.
  2. Sustainability in action: make a positive impact on the environment with our focus on green activities. Choose sustainability without compromising on the quality of the travel experience.
  3. Real experience experts: we live here. Everything we offer is based on our own experiences. Our travel specialists have personally experienced and selected the activities for guaranteed quality.
  4. Personal support: our dedicated team is ready to guide every step of the trip. From initial planning to final execution, we guarantee personal attention and quality.

​​​Core values
We believe that cooperation, loving what you do and who you do it for are the key ingredients to success. Through our experiences we like to share these with you and enhance your team’s determination for success. Our keywords are hospitality, quality and attention to detail. Have you noticed that the King in our logo winks at you? ;)

Our team has years of experience in group travel, meetings and events. Our Dutch and Spanish staff have worked in several Spanish speaking countries and specialize in incentives, unforgettable company events and meetings in Spain. Our activities are fully integrated in your company strategy, being part of your business goals and bonding with your invitees. 

We have worked for many years with and for the aviation-, tourism destination- and accommodation industry and are keen to count the automotive-, consumer goods-, medical- and sports industries to our clients.