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Your incentive in Spain

Organize an incentive in Spain for your team or partners. 

Incentive travel works and has been proven. Incentives have a positive effect on your staff ├índ your business. Your employees feel involved and will go to work motivated. And non-cash incentives are 3 times more effective than cash incentives! Several reports from consultancies like PWC, KPMG and McKinsey state that non-cash rewards are more motivating for staff and thus more interesting for employers. For employees, winning an incentive trip is more than just a reward - it is a recognition of their performance. Incentives are memorable and can be turned into an unforgettable experience in Spain, with memorable activities.

Team building
Activities adapted to your business goals can strengthen the commitment and drive of your team. Our team building activities in Spain are themed and custom-made for you. Your team feels more connected and responsible, improves its relationship among each other and becomes more motivated and productive. Surprise your team, as well as yourself, with increased results!

Costa Experiences incentives and teambuilding activities result in extra revenue and margins, better work performance, less absence and more sales leads. But above all: more joy. Additionally, the mutual solidarity is considerably strengthened, unique experiences and emotions are being shared and long after the trip, people will still be talking about it. At Costa Experiences, we consider incentives as a 'vital organ' of your organisation.


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